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5 Easy Ways To Make Money OFFLINE From Local Businesses!

No Technical Skills Needed – NO SEO Work Involved – NO setting Up Auto-responders!

This report was designed to give you an ‘out of the box’ perspective on how you can charge local offline businesses for general “Internet Marketing” services, but specifically not SEO services or setting up auto-responders.

Here are the 5 “Simple Methods” that you can use to make easy money from local offline businesses.

Simple Method #1:

One simple thing you can do is offer article marketing services to a local business. You can explain to them the benefits of article marketing, such as the traffic it can potentially bring their website, the leads it could generate for them, the SEO benefits of having back
links from articles, etc.

If you are an article writer, you might be getting anywhere from $1.50-$17+ per article online, but most freelancers get about $3-7 per article on average.

However, when you offer article marketing for offline businesses (to promote their business and/or their website) — you can charge A LOT I have gotten anywhere from $25-50 per article from offline businesses and they are more than happy with the results.
Plus, most businesses will want you to write 10-20 per month for them once you explain
how article marketing really works. If you can’t write an article to save your life…you can always outsource to an online freelancer that produces quality work. Heck, even if you
paid a freelancer $10 per article you would still bank a very nice profit!

Simple Method #2:

Another method of making some easy money in the offline local business world, is to offer
blog creation services to local businesses. A blog is super simple (and FREE) to create.
You do not have to have any technical knowledge whatsoever. I recommend using because they are owned by Google, so you know that it will rank nicely on Google’s search engine!

You can actually log in using your existing Google account if you have a Gmail account
or any Google account. It’s the same username and password as your Gmail account.
Or, you can create an account for free.

Make sure you create the domain name of the blog to be the nameof your client’s businesses. It will come out looking like this “” in case
you don’t know already.

The main purpose of the blog is going to be an additional source of traffic for your client’s
business. It will also link back to their main website, giving them a valuable back link
which is helpful for SEO(search engine optimization).A blog is basically a website, but with more bells and whistles. They Targeted traffic = leads = customers. That is why
having a blog is important for your client. Also, nowadays people love blogs and they love
reading other peoples’/businesses’ blogs.

Simple Method #3:

The 3rd method of making easy cash from offline businesses is to offer Myspace/Facebook page creation services. EVERY big name business nowadays has a Myspace page or a Facebook page which is a great selling point for this service.

Once you explain the benefits of social networking, building Granted, a lot of businesses might already have one or they know how to set it up…but many will not. These are the ones you must find and then offer to create one for them.

Some businesses might have a Myspace page but not a Facebook, or vice versa. Some businesses might need you to “pimp” their Myspace page.

Simple Method #4:

This method involves a little bit more work, but not much. Many businesses could benefit GREATLY from having Craigslist ads posted for them once a week or once a day even.

This can obviously be a great selling point
for this service. Once a business owner hears that and confirm it (if they need to), you will
be able to charge them for this service with no problem

Simple Method #5:

Last but not least, we are going to discuss a method that makes some people a LOT of
money! I know a guy who manages the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign for a
BIG NAME security company and he makes serious money. We’re talking 5 figures a

Of course, we are not going after that just yet! However, there is plenty of easy money to
be made in the setting up of a business’s PPC campaign. I am sure many of you who are
reading this have already tried PPC advertising at one time or another. If you haven’t, all
you have to do is set up a free account at and set up a
starter campaign with a very small and affordable budget. I suggest somewhere around
$5-10 per day. By using this FREE keyword tool located at: — you can plug in your main
keywords that your client’s business wants to target (For example: “Tuxedo Rentals in
Las Vegas”).

Thank you



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